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CODE 1: Pelion plate, angled and multiangled
CODE 2: Plates, Roofplate, irregular, from Pelion
CODE 3: Pelion plate, angled
ΚΩΔ. 4: Πέτρα Πηλίου, πελεκητή
CODE 5: Plate, Roofplate, from Pelion, Lepi
ΚΩΔ. 6: Πέτρα Πηλίου, πολύγωνη, ακανόνιστη
CODE 7: Pelion stones, Gonari, Agonari, Stenari
CODE 8: Fieto, Gonaraki, Agonaraki, Sykis, cut
CODE 9: Corner cut, with three natural sides, Sykis
CODE 10: Pelion stones, in pallet

CODE 1: Kavala stones, multiangled
CODE 2: Kavala Plate, angled
CODE 3: Sokoro, Stenari, Fileto, by Pelion
CODE 4: Pelion plates, irregular, multiangled
CODE 5: Xerolithia coating, with fileto and stenari from Kavala
CODE 6: Kavala plates cut, staircase from Kavala plates and paddock built with Kavala sokoro        

CODE 1: Roof with roofplates, Lepi
CODE 2: Traditional roof, with Pelion roofplate
CODE 3: Stairs, steps, with Pelion stones
CODE 4: Staircase with turn and cobble, from Pelion stones
CODE 5: Round staircase, with Pelion stone
CODE 6: Chalkidiki stones, for coating
CODE 7: Masif paddock, built with Pelion stones
CODE 8: Masonry, agonari, gonari, with Kavala stone
CODE 9: Pelion plates, cornered by hand, Vyzantine type paving
CODE 10: Pelion stones cut, placed in line