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CODE 1: Karystou stone, squared, cut, green
CODE 2: Karystou multiangled stone, irregular, green
CODE 3: Karystou stone, multiangled, irregular, brown
CODE 4: Karystou stone, gonari, agonari, gray - brown - green
CODE 5: Karystou sokoro, fileto, stenari
CODE 6: Karystou stone, multiangled, irregular, grey - green mixed
CODE 7: Paramythia stone, plate, myltiangled, irregular, pink
CODE 8: Paramythia stone, plate, cut, squared
CODE 9: Arta plate, stone, squared cut, beige
CODE 10: Arta stone, plate, irregular, multiangled, lightcolord, beige
CODE 11: Albania stone, plate, multiangled, mustard
CODE 12: Kavala stone, plate, angled, carved by hand
CODE 13: Kavala stone, plate, multiangled, irregular
CODE 14: Pelion stone, gonari, stenari, for building and coating
CODE 15: Old gonari demolition stone, from Piraeus
CODE 16: Old decorative demolition bricks, for coating
CODE 17: Grammatikou stone, broken in pallet, for building
CODE 18: Markopoulo stone, broken, irregular, in pallet
CODE 19: Markopoulo stone, cut
CODE 20: Markopoyulo stone, carved by hand, for traditional building, Vyzantino type
CODE 21: Cargo stone from Markopoulo
CODE 22: Rough stone from Peania, cargo, for building, masonry and coating
CODE 23: Peania stone, raw, broken, in pallet, irregular, for building and coating
CODE 24: Peania stone, wrought by hand, for traditional building and masonry
CODE 25: Broken stones in pallet, irregular, from Mytilini
CODE 26: Stones, for cargo, honey - purple, from Chios
CODE 27: Mani stone, broken, in pallet, for building
CODE 28: Lotus cap, multiangled
CODE 29: Lotus Cap
CODE 30: Stalaktites, spaghetti, for garden decorations and rock gardens
CODE 31: Decorative stone, sponge, green, for building rock gardens and exterior decorations
CODE 32: Decorative rock, Moonstone, for building rock gardens and exterior decorations
CODE 33: Multiangled plat, from Bulgaria