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CODE 1: Stone - Cover, Lotus, for coating
CODE 2: Stone - Cover, polygonal Lotus, for coating
CODE 3: Coating from golden Bulgarian stone, squared
CODE 4: Scabbled white marble, placed in line, with joints

CODE 1: Scabbled Pink
CODE 2: Scabbled, Volos Pink
CODE 3: Scabbled strone from Kapandriti, for coating
CODE 4: Scabbled Syrian stone, placed in Vyzantino design
CODE 5: Scabbled Syrian stone, yellow, placed in line, seamless
CODE 6: Scabbled Syrian stone, beige, chocolate color, seamless
CODE 7: Syrian scabbled stone, beige, chocolate color, placed in line, seamless
CODE 8: Cap, Irregular Syrian Stone, sugar colored, for coating
CODE 9: Cap, Irregular, Multiangled Syrian stone, yellow, for coating
CODE 10: Cap, multiangled Syrian Stone, light yellow, for coating

CODE 1: Coating with cap, Syrian stone, irregular, yellow, with white joints
CODE 2: Coating with cap and Syrian irregular stone, yellow, withe gray joint
CODE 3: Paddock coating, with scabbled yellow and chocolat - beige, from Syria
CODE 4: Paddock coating, with scabbled Syrian stone, beige - chocolate color and California marble
CODE 5: Coating with scabbled Syrian stone