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Pebbles, pavings, decorative stones, for shaping and decorating gardens.

CODE 1: Pebbles packed white
CODE 2: White pebble - sphere, 4-6 cm CODE 3: White pebble - sphere, 6-10 cm
CODE 4: Granite - sphere pebble, 4-6 cm
CODE 5: Granite - sphere pebble, 6-10 cm
CODE 6: White peeble 13 - 23 cm
CODE 7: Peeblestone, Irregular, Antique, White
CODE 8: Dark green pebble, 1 - 2 cm, 2 - 4 cm, 4 - 6 cm
CODE 9: Dark red peeble, 1 - 2 cm, 2 - 4 cm, 4 - 6 cm
CODE 10: Small pink washed stones, lattice and in a poke
CODE 11: Politiko peeble, 8 - 13 and 14 - 20 cm
CODE 12: Politiko peeble, 2-4 and 4-6 cm
CODE 13: White water pebble, 1-3 cm and 2-5 cm
CODE 14: Black pebble, 4-6 cm
CODE 15: Black pebble, 4-6 cm
CODE 16: Large decorative rock garden
CODE 17: Decorative stone stalactites, for construction of rock gardens
CODE 18: Decorative Ariani stone, for constructing and decorating gardens
CODE 19: Garden decorative stone, Moonstone, 30 x 60 cm
CODE 20: Sponge stone, for garden construction and decoration
CODE 21: Rock Art for outdoor decorations and gardens
CODE 22: Icestone, for interior and exterior decoration (garden)
CODE 23: Green glasstone, for indoor use and garden decoration
CODE 24: Block of granite, gray, 10 x 10 x 4 cm and 10 x 10 x 10 cm
CODE 25: Block of granite, citron, 10 x 10 x 4 cm and 10 x 10 x 10 cm
CODE 26: Various types of blocks, natural stones and granites
CODE 27: Burgundy paving, 10 x 10 x 10 cm, from stones
CODE 28: Pavings for lawn
CODE 29: Pelion plates, for paving gardens or use on steps, squared
CODE 30: Decorative stone for garden decoration, spaghetti, 20 x 40 cm
CODE 31: Irregular stone, for garden decoration, burgundy CODE 32: Irregular stone, for garden decoration, gray - green CODE 33: Decorative stone for garden decoration, sponge CODE 34: Stones for rock garden construction, Moonstone, 20 x 40 cm CODE 35: Garden decorative stone Aris

CODE 1: Paved garden, with steps from squared Pelion plate, to use on grass
CODE 2: Garden surface, paved with irregular plate steps, to use on grass
CODE 3: Corridors and stairs garden mosaic
CODE 4: Drainage pit, covered with pebbles
CODE 5: Configuration of corner garden with mosaic
CODE 6: Lanes with steps from polygon plates and surfade covered with white water pebble CODE 7: Garden path, with Aris stone on the sides, paved with small pebble and steps from multiangled beige plate CODE 8: Garden path, with steps from Karystou stones and rock garden from decorative Aris stone CODE 9: Corridor paved with mosaic garden taps from irregular plate CODE 10: Configuration of car ramp, with steps of polygon plate, in lawn
CODE 11: Natural garden steps, squared, 100 x 50 cm, 3-4 cm thick CODE 12: Garden surface, covered in white water pebble CODE 13: Garden surface, covered in white water pebble CODE 14: Large garden steps, from irregular Pelion plates, to use on grass CODE 15: Steps from natural, irregular stone, beige

Various uses of our materials, in different garden decorations.
CODE 1: Pond construction, from natural stone and pebble
CODE 2: Construction of pond from pebbles and path creation, with small white water pebble
CODE 3: Rafting construction, from natural stones and white water pebbles
CODE 4: Construction of a natural stone waterfall
CODE 5: Small waterfall, with Μικρός Καταρράκτης, with Moonstone and granite treads
CODE 6: Flower bed decoration, withe white - politiko peeble beige and large decorative rock Aris
CODE 7: Decorative hill garden, natural stone, Moonstone
CODE 8: Hill garden, large pieces of Moonstone and plants
CODE 9: Garden fountain, made by old brick, with stone sink CODE 10: Small Barbeque, simple, with brickstone, for garden