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CODE 1: Internal staircase with Karystou stone, sokoro
CODE 2: Exterior stairs, with Karystou stones
CODE 3: Staircase from natural Karystou stone
CODE 4: Staircase from irregular Karystou stones
CODE 5: Staircase from natural gray - black Karystou stone
CODE 6: Stairs from irregular Albanian stone
CODE 7: Staircase built with old bricks
CODE 8: Stonebuilt stairs and coating, with St. Anna stones, from Kymi
CODE 9: Stairs and paddock with traditional built, Vyzantine type
CODE 10: Stairs and pavement, Vyzantino type, with natural stones, St. Anna, Kymi
CODE 11: Staircase from natural stone, wood texture
CODE 12: Staircase from natural stone, wooden look
CODE 13: Stairs from natural stone, wood texture, 160 x 30 cm
CODE 14: Staircase from natural pink Syrian stone
CODE 15: Staircase from Californian marble and floor pavement from natural Indian stone
CODE 16: Stairs from natural stone, mint nature, India
CODE 17: Exterior stairs, with Californian marble, Vyzantine type, with Peania stone
CODE 18: Stairs from natural stone, 30 x 60 and 40 x 60 cm, mint nature, India
CODE 19: Staircase from white marble
CODE 20: Marble staircase construction with stone built entrance
CODE 21: Staircase from white marble