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All barbeques, ovens, benches and fireplaces are manufactured by us and by hand.
CODE 1: Double barbeque, with Chech firebrick - Set BBQ, bench, sink with coating, 170 x 85 cm, 80 x 85 cm, 80 x 85 cm
CODE 2: Barbeque set for coal, with Chech firebrick, bench, traditional oven, with multiangled Brazilian pink slab coating
CODE 3: Barbeque with Chech firebricks, Set BBQ, double barbeque 170 x 85 cm, with bench, sink and cast iron oven
CODE 4: Barbeque set, oven with Chech firebrick, coated with brown, Karystou slab
CODE 5: Barbeque with firebrick, coated with irregular Albanian slab, 130 x 80cm and coated bench, with irregular Albanian slab, 75 x 80cm
CODE 6: Barbeque with firebrick, coated with irregular, pink, Brazilian slab, 130 x 80 cm and bench coated with irregular Brazilian slab, 75 x 80 cm
CODE 7: Barbeque with sink and Chech firebrick, coated with Albanian stone, 150 x 80 cm and 75 x 80 cm
CODE 8: Barbeque with firebrick, single barbeque with 150 x 80 cm and sink, coatless
CODE 9: Double barbeque, for two full lambs, with firebrick, coated entirely with Karystou stones, 170 x 80 cm
CODE 10: Firebrick barbeque, 130 x 80 cm, without coating, with chain
CODE 11: Barbeque with firebricks for coal, single barbeque 150 x 80 cm with coating and single mechanism CODE 12: Small barbeque, simple, for garden use, with firebrick, for coal, 110 x 80 cm CODE 13: Small barbeque, 110 x 75 cm with red firebrick and coating

All compilations are supervised by us and manufactured by our own staff.

CODE 1: Barbeque compilation and bench coated with decorative brick
CODE 2: Stonebuit construction and barbeque, floor paving with irregular Karystou stones
CODE 3: Stonebuilt barbeque compilation, with imported roof
CODE 4: Barbeque compilation, with bench, marble sink and oven, coated with demolition bricks, tiled roof and floor with irregular Albanian stones
CODE 5: Barbeque set, with double sink and kitchen style appearance
CODE 6: Barbeque with firebrick, coated with Karystou stone, old bricks, with roof from red tile CODE 7: Double barbeque, with bench, traditional corner oven and sink